How To Run Listing Ads On Facebook for Realtors

Running an ad on Facebook can seem intimidating… that’s why we’ve created this step by step guide to help you navigate all the clicks and tricks to get more leads for your listing!

#1 Start by setting up a business account

Already have a business account set up? Skip to the next step!

  1. Go to
  2. Click the blue ‘Create Account’ button
  3. You will have to enter your business name, your name, and your work email

#2 Set up an ad account

Already have an ad account set up? Skip to the next step!

  1. When on the business home page, click the settings gear down at the bottom of the menu column 
  2. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab, click ‘Ad Accounts’ 
  3. On the ‘Ad Accounts’ page, there is a blue ‘Add’ button then ‘Create a New Ad Account’
  4. Your ad account name can be the same as your business name. You will also need to input payment information.  

#3 Create your ad

Start with a brainstorm! 

To create an ad, start from ‘Business Home’, select ‘Ads Manager’ then click the green ‘+Create’ button.  

There will be several levels to creating your ad. Here’s a general overview of the levels you will go through to set up and create your ad:


Information from, January 28, 2021

Campaign level

Special Ad Category

For a listing ad you will have to turn on the ‘Special Ad Category’ for housing because you are advertising a listing. Unfortunately, this option limits certain ad criteria such as audience. There is no way around this because Facebook reviews and approves each ad before it goes live. 


Choosing a campaign objective is the next step. Each campaign objective has a different goal in mind. See the table below for descriptions of the objectives. 


Information from, January 28, 2021

For a listing ad, the best campaign objectives are typically traffic, lead generation, or messages. If you have a single property website for your listing, choosing the traffic objective to send people there would be a great option. Lead generation works well for collecting emails, phone numbers, or other helpful information. Messenger works great for listings because people can ask you a question or connect with you right from the ad. I will be using the traffic objective for an example later on.

Once you have selected a campaign objective you will begin the set up process.  


Next you will want to set your ad budget. You can do a daily budget – spend so much a day, say $5 – or a lifetime budget – spend so much over the designated time you give the ad. The Facebook algorithm will determine time and place of spending, but will stop once your limit is reached. 

Ad Set Level

Budget and Schedule

Set budget and schedule. Select when you want an ad to start (such as the day your listing goes live). The end date is optional, but if you do not keep a close eye on a daily budgeted ad, it will not end on it’s own. A good starting point would be to run this ad over 2 weeks at $10 per day. 


Due to the Special Ad Category, a few aspects of creating your target audience will be different. Qualities like age, gender, and detailed targeting are no longer changeable. However, you are still able to use your custom audiences and target a location as small as a 15 mile radius. These functions are actually more forgiving than they used to be, allowing users like us to better narrow our target audience.
A good note to keep in mind is to use an Equal Housing Opportunity logo on your ad creative to better showcase your non-discriminatory practices.

Ad Placement

Now you can edit the placements of the ad. Start by selecting Manual Placement. You will want to share your ad in high traffic areas for interested and active buyers. This includes the Facebook feed, Instagram feed, and Facebook Marketplace options. You will need to connect your business’s Instagram page in order to run ads through that profile on that platform.

If you have success in other places, such as Facebook or Instagram stories, feel free to switch it up and see what placement areas you see the most success from.

Optimization and Delivery

Optimization for Ad Delivery may have different options depending on which campaign objective you chose. If it does, review your options with what your goal for the campaign is and select accordingly.  

Ad Level


Select your business Facebook Page (connect a business Instagram account if you have one and have selected any Instagram placements). 

Ad Setup

For the purpose of this piece, we will ‘Create Ad’ rather than ‘Use an Existing Post’. You will want to select your format based on how many photos/videos you are using in your ad.  

As a starting point, the ‘Single Image or Video’ option will work great for a listing ad.

Ad Creative

Ad Creative is where you will upload the visual pieces of your ad.  

You will want to upload your image(s)/video by clicking Add Media > Add Image/Add Video > Upload. A good starting place for a listing ad would be to select a single photo of the front of the property.

You can edit how the image shows up in each placement by checking the boxes ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Vertical’ and then hovering over those previewed images and clicking ‘Crop’ or ‘Change’. If you cannot resize your photo to fit these placements well, just deselect ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Vertical’ and keep ‘Square’ for all the placements. 

Once you have uploaded your media, you will edit the verbiage that viewers will see. To get a better idea of what you will be creating, please view the provided diagramed image below.


This is an example of a campaign with the ‘traffic’ objective in which the goal of the ad is to drive traffic to the webpage. In this case it would be the single property website you are sending people to in order to view more about the listing.

You will want to provide eye-catching information in your ‘Primary Text’. This will catch viewers’ attention and lead them to being interested in knowing more. With that said, don’t say too much. You will want them to learn more and therefore have to visit your single property site which is a great place to capture the lead’s information.

You will want to make the link provided in your ‘Primary Text’ the same as your ‘Website URL’ below.

Ensure you have selected a ‘Call to Action’ that will drive people to click to view your website.

Note: depending on your campaign objective, you will have several different options to add, such as buttons that encourage an action like ‘send message’


If you have a pixel that connects Facebook to your website you have provided above, you will want to utilize that by tracking website events. If not, no worries. This is something you could look into in the future.


Once the ad looks like you’d envisioned, click Publish! 

Your ad will now go into a reviewal period. Once accepted, your ad will begin running according to your set schedule. If rejected, you will be notified and given a reason in the ‘Account Quality’ section of your Business Manager. 

Now get out there and get those LEADS!